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Wipe The Paper Also Clean Your New Environment
- Jan 08, 2018 -

With the constant development of the economy, there is an increasing demand for wiping paper in the market, and the daily life is more and more inseparable from wiping paper.

Kang Qi is one of China's major brands, has a very good reputation. Cleaning paper from 100% native wood pulp accompanied by special processing technology, texture pure, efficient absorption of water, affordable, played an excellent role in industrial cleaning activities. With its extremely low dust, Conch's wipes save a lot of wiping time in busy industrial activities and make work more efficient.

There are many easily damaged industrial utensils in industrial production activities. Do not worry if you have KANGQI wipe paper. The paper is delicate and does not scratch the surface of the wipe, so customers do not have to worry about extra work at work. Focus on work. Normally in industrial activities due to static electricity or dust damage to the machine or failure, Kang Ji wipe the paper has anti-static film, which can effectively prevent static electricity and dust, making the job more smoothly. In addition, it also has good wet and dry strength, easy to damage, reducing the waste of work.

Depending on the use of the environment, there are different uses wipe paper, which can be used with solvents for product surface cleaning; can also be used alone