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Ministry Of Commerce: The United States Is Firing On The World And Firing On Itself
- Jul 07, 2018 -

In July 5th, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference, and the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce answered the questions raised by reporters.

The summit of the Ministry of Commerce News Spokesman

MOFCOM: US trade bullying is against the trend of the times.

At the press conference, in response to media reports, the US side recently said that if China and the United States could not reach a trade agreement soon, the United States could impose tariffs on China's US $500 billion exports to us products. In response to this, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman responded to the summit.

We note that the US side has recently threatened to levy taxes on all Chinese products exported to the US for 500 billion US dollars. Moreover, the United States has issued similar threats to other countries and regions' trading partners. This kind of trade bullying, which threatens everywhere with a tariff rod, is against the trend of the times.

The summit said China would not bow before threats and blackmail, nor would it waver in its determination to defend global free trade and multilateral institutions.

China, together with all countries of the world, will resolutely oppose backward, outdated and inefficient protectionism and unilateralism, and strive to maintain a stable and predictable global economic and trade environment.

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Ministry of Commerce: the US will provoke a trade war. China will never shoot the first shot.

According to the reporter's question, the United States will impose a tax on 34 billion US dollars in July 6th according to the plan. If the United States is implemented, will China immediately implement the previous tax list? In this regard, the Commerce Ministry spokesman said that China will never shoot the first shot.


The US side stirred up this trade war and we did not want to fight. But in order to safeguard the interests of the country and the people, we must fight when necessary. The Chinese side will never make the first shot, but if the US side implements tax measures, China will be forced to counter it.

Gao said the US government's approach is to go all the way. We believe that the attitude of the people of all countries to China is understandable and supported by "taking advantage of the road and helping the unjust cause".

We call on all countries to take joint actions to resolutely oppose trade protectionism and unilateralism and safeguard the common interests of the peoples of the world.

Commerce Department: the US side measures are the global industrial chain and value chain.

The reporter said that most of the American tax measures were hit by foreign enterprises in China. In this case, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman said that the US measures were essentially the global industrial chain and the value chain.

At the summit, China is an important supporter and participant of economic globalization and global industrial chain. Many export products are produced by foreign-funded enterprises in China. According to analysis, there are about about 20000000000 of the 34 billion list of tax products published by the United States, accounting for about 59% of the products of foreign enterprises in China, including a considerable proportion of American enterprises.


It can be seen that if the United States starts to levy taxes, it is actually a tax on Chinese and national enterprises, including American enterprises, and the US measures are essentially the global industrial chain and value chain. In short, the United States is firing on the world and opening fire to itself.

In addition, media reports said that the Chinese US funded enterprises may be punished by the Chinese side for the Sino US trade war.

All the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in China will be protected by the Chinese government. We will continue to assess the impact of the US trade war on the US, and try our best to help companies mitigate the impact.