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Trump's Punitive Tariff Policy Will Attack Local Newspapers.
- Jul 26, 2018 -

On the 17 day, members of the United States Congress warned at the hearing that Trump's tariff practices could strike a blow on the US newspaper industry.

On the 17 day hearing of the United States International Trade Commission, more than a dozen parliamentarians put forward the adverse effects of the Trump administration's tariff policy, the United States' Congress mountain newspaper quoted the The Associated Press as saying. They claimed that they had received complaints from a paper mill in Washington that excessive tariffs would cause newspaper workers to lay off and newspapers to stop production, thereby affecting the efficiency of news dissemination. Some members said that many residents in small towns do not read news on the Internet. They rely on local newspapers to get the necessary information.

At present, the International Trade Commission is investigating whether the US Department of commerce should perpetuate tariffs or abolish tariffs.

The cost of printing is one of the biggest expenses of the American newspaper industry, and Trump's tariff policy has led to a 30% increase in newspaper printing costs, the report said. "If the market gets smaller in the end, it can't help anyone, and the local paper mills in Washington need help," said Angus Kim, a Maine MP.

The report also said that at Tuesday's hearing, both democratic and Republican parties thought Trump's tariff policy was unfavourable, and no one was vocal in support of punitive tariffs.