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The Third Paper-making Technology Exhibition In Bangladesh Is Held In Dhaka, Bangladesh.
- Apr 11, 2018 -

The third paper-making technology exhibition in Bangladesh was held on April 2018 5 to 7 April 2018 at Bashundhara International Conference Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The exhibition is sponsored by Bangladesh paper technology magazine and is the only exhibition of pulp and paper industry in Bangladesh. From Bangladesh and China, India, Britain, Germany and other countries such as pulp and paper enterprises, paper equipment, paper chemicals suppliers, and paper processing, trade, import and export and other areas of the total of 110 exhibitors to participate in the exhibition. Zhengzhou Yun Da, Zhengzhou Lei exhibition, Shandong morning clock, Xuchang Central Asia, Henan Dazhi, and other 15 enterprises from China's paper equipment, chemicals and other enterprises, the exhibition area of Chinese enterprises a total of about 260 square meters. China's papermaking magazine also participated in this exhibition and set up booths.

Exhibitors have shown a variety of conventional consumable paper including printed paper, living paper, packaging paper, including deinking equipment, paper processing equipment, packaging equipment, and various paper chemicals in and out of Bangladesh.

According to the introduction, Bangladesh paper industry is at the beginning stage, compared with other countries, the industry is relatively backward, the output and product quality can not meet the demand, and a large amount of import is needed.

Bangladesh is the world's largest population density country, but because its economic and industrial level is relatively backward, the per capita consumption of paper is very low. At present, the government is striving to improve infrastructure and develop economy, and its papermaking industry will have certain potential for development.