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The Surging Tide Of Price Surges, Will It Reappear In 16 Years?
- May 07, 2018 -

With the continuous rise in the price of waste paper and base paper, the cardboard has finally started to rise in the past two days.

The peak season has not arrived, the price rises first, where is the order?

Waste paper dealers hoarding and hype, on the ground price!

In order to maintain continuous production, paper mills rush to buy waste paper. Paper mills say that we have increased prices because the cost is high, the national waste continues to skyrocket, and the US imports are blocked.

Cardboard factory for several days, and finally difficult to support, forced to rise in price 3-5%, stop the order, comb the three level factory historical transactions, to ensure long-term customer supply.

The three level factories are waiting to rise in price and come to adjust the price and structure of customers.

Everything looks like 16 years of piracy, will the war of paper grabbing be repeated?

Different is, this wind tide is difficult to persist for a long time, after all, the downstream demand has not risen, the three level plant will not be ready to stock up, and the two level plant has no price increase only reasonable cost transmission, while the two grade factory does not participate in the stock paper stock.

All the way back to the origin is the rise in the price of waste paper and base paper. Is it a change in market supply demand or a reasonable increase in cost? At the moment, it is still at the source of the reduction of US imports and the accumulation of goods.

There is also a large variable is that China and the United States trade war has not yet seen a clear direction, the fight will not cause great harm to domestic and foreign trade is also leisurely and leisurely?

When domestic demand is not strong and foreign trade is uncertain, a unilateral price increase is hard to achieve.

What's more, no matter whether the production capacity of paper or paper box is serious, the market digestion capacity is limited and the fierce competition will continue after the wind and rain, and the high prices that are not supported by the market demand will fall into reality, but who do not know who will be smashed in the high price paper?

The development of the industry needs to be qualitative, and more rational and innovative. If it only stays in the price speculation and playing, it will eventually hurt itself. If you want to cut leek, or wait, there are not many leeks in this season.

Or that sentence, the layout of large enterprises, small enterprises, the trend of great changes in the industry to find their position, the initiative to change the new party can stand up to greet the dawn!