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The Highest Rise Of 300 Yuan Per Ton Of Original Paper, Two Million Tons Of Paper Enterprises Announced The Price Increase!
- Feb 27, 2018 -

After Liansheng paper, Qi Xiang paper industry and Yinhe Paper issued a notice of price increase, millions of tons of paper making enterprises, Wuhan Phoenix Phoenix Paper and Zhejiang Hong Hao group, also issued a price increase letter: the price of raw paper rose 200-300 yuan / ton again.

After the start, in some mills gradually after the price adjustment, the Golden Phoenix and Hong Hao group also began to issue a notice of price increases:

Wuhan Golden Phoenix Paper Co., Ltd.: since February 25, 2018, the price of all the products of the company has been raised by 300 yuan per ton on the basis of the original price.

The reason for the Golden Phoenix is that the cost of the raw materials and materials has been greatly increased and the environmental protection checks have been continuously tightening.

Zhejiang hung Hao Holding Group Co., Ltd.: from February 23, 2018, the price of finished paper has been raised by 200 yuan per ton on the basis of the original supply price.

Hong Hao's reason is: the influence of comprehensive factors such as operating pressure and production cost leads to the continuous improvement of the production of the group company. Although our group strongly strengthens the internal excavation, it still can't bear the cost pressure brought by it.

According to public information, in December 11, 2015, Zhejiang hung ho Holdings Limited was set up to become the third paper-making group in Fuyang.

The rise in the price of the spring breeze is born again. Why is it?

As a matter of reason, it is about to enter the traditional slack season of the carton industry in March, and the rising power of the paper price should be insufficient. Why is the rising price of the spring wind blowing again and rising prices (concentrated in big factories) so strong? China and India have compiled a few reasons for you, for reference only:

1, leading paper enterprise maintenance and maintenance price. As we all know, most of the previous downtime inspection and maintenance of paper factories are concentrated in 2-3 months, leading enterprises to actively repair the price of the Spring Festival, the traditional off-season price does not fall back.

2, low stock "pour oil". During the Spring Festival, a number of logistics companies outage, after the start of the logistics cost increases; in last year's reshuffle, the leading paper enterprises to focus bargaining power has been greatly enhanced; after the start of paper enterprises employees have certain loss, lack of operating rate will make the product demand in the short term, the stock will be an important cause of the rising price of paper.

3. The environmental protection is increasingly harsh and the concentration of paper enterprises is strengthened. In the 2016-2017 years of high strength environmental protection baptism, most of the domestic production line backward paper-making enterprises to be eliminated, because of environmental non-compliance and forced to stop the production difficulty, meet the eye everywhere, strengthen the industry concentration, large paper mill also further enhance the bargaining power.