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The Paper Industry Entered The Market Of Price Rise Ahead Of Schedule, And The Integration Rate Of Packaging Industry Will Continue
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Since this year, the cardboard corrugated paper keeps high, as the peak season progressively, the paper price may go up further (but the elasticity is not as good as the past two years). This pattern will help the paper packing faucet accelerate to break out: the high price raw material is more obvious to the medium and small packing enterprises, and the terminal customers want the supply chain to be stable in the same time. Take the price transmission of paper packaging leading companies.

With the experience of overseas leading packaging Rock-Tenn and PCA, horizontal integration / lengthwise extension / high quality integration service can achieve rapid growth and gain valuation premium. Through the merger and acquisition of SouthernContainer, Rock-Tenn cut into the corrugated packaging market. On this basis, the corrugated packaging business is continuously expanded to realize the adjustment of the income structure and the long-term stable development. Through the merger and acquisition of Boise, PCA has achieved a large expansion of capacity and coverage of the region, thus bringing the rapid promotion of market share and multiplying product diversity. To open up the growth space (anticipation), realize the rapid increase of valuation (first) and performance (after).

Cloud platform accelerates industry integration, intellectualization promotes industrial upgrading

Combining the current information technology and the business model environment, the packaging industry or the birth of the cloud platform enterprise is essentially a new form of industry horizontal integration in the Internet era, realizing the distribution of supply and demand and the optimization of resources, such as the rapid growth of PSCP business, such as vigorous expansion, and the intelligent package is to solve the customers under the trend of packaging consumption upgrading. The individualized problem of the household (such as high price consumer goods anti counterfeiting and supply chain management), and the realization of its own industrial upgrading, is the essence of the new technology, such as the improvement of Yu Tong and Jin Jia in the high-end color box printing. Cloud platform and intelligent packaging represent the latest development direction of packaging industry from two aspects, "quantity" and "quality". The forward layout of paper packing enterprises is expected to achieve accelerated development and lead industry concentration promotion.

The paper will enter the price rise ahead of time, and the integration rate of the packaging industry will continue.

From the point of view of the subdivision industry, paper making is about to enter the price raising season, benefit from the high profit and the leading performance is generally good; the packaging industry is in the catalysis of high raw material price, the industry integration is speeding up, and the high growth of the leading enterprises is expected to continue.

Paper: since the entry of July, the paper market has been in a flat situation, the price of paper is difficult to fall, the direction of the direction of the wind direction, the overall industry is generally cautious. In July 9th, after nine dragons launched the new national waste standard, many enterprises across the country responded to the new standards. Different levels of punishment should be imposed on malicious inclusions, overweight and malicious water. After several days of slump, the national waste began to show a slight upward trend in July 11th. In the trend of the continued significant decline in the amount of foreign waste imports, the rise in the price of waste paper and the increase in the price of corrugated paper is expected to be more consistent, which may lead to the advance in demand and advance into the price of the price.

Business paper analysts believe that the environmental inspection in Guangdong is temporarily out of the way, the price of waste recycling in the main major factories in Dongguan is up and the surrounding areas are driven, and the range of price rise is expected to expand gradually. In the short term, the recovery of the finished paper market is still weak. The raw paper market will be changed by the price of waste paper.

Packaging: since last year, the paper packaging industry has been accelerating the integration trend under the promotion of high priced raw materials, driving revenue and profit growth. Based on the judgement of the high price of corrugated board prices in the second half of the year, the industry integration rate will continue, and the leading power will continue to increase.