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The Original Paper Factory Frequently Raised The Price Letter. In May, The Paper Price Was Afraid Of Rising Trend
- May 03, 2018 -

Corrugating medium

According to the price monitoring of business associations, the average price of corrugated paper in April was about 3894 yuan / ton, representing an increase of about 0.32% compared with the beginning of the month. The lowest price appeared in the middle and late 4, the average price was 3825 yuan / ton, the highest point appeared around 25 days, the average price was 3950 yuan / ton.

The first half of April: corrugated paper prices showed a steady downward trend, and did not change because of the rise in the price of waste paper. After all, April is still the off-season sales of the industry, the corrugated paper market is flat, paper factory quotations are basically stable, compared with the previous period, the market trading situation has slowed down obviously, the dealer's view of the atmosphere is heavier and the purchasing enthusiasm has fallen. And the continuous decline of product prices is also a way for production enterprises to increase their shipments.

After April 19th: because of the rising prices of raw materials, many corrugated paper manufacturers began to increase the price letter, corrugated paper prices began to increase substantially.

Waste paper

The price of waste paper began to pick up in early April, and the market price of waste paper increased in April 8th. According to the price monitoring of business, the average price of waste paper in April was about 2542 yuan / ton, representing an increase of about 9.04% compared with the beginning of the month.

There are two main reasons for the rising prices of waste paper in the off-season in April.

First, there is a certain relationship between the drop of imported waste paper and the decrease of the amount of waste paper. The state has vigorously controlled the entry of "foreign garbage", greatly reduced the number of imported waste paper, and significantly reduced the amount of waste paper produced outside the large-scale paper mill. At the same time, some waste paper suppliers are optimistic about the late price and hoarding goods to rise.

Two, the leading paper mill manipulates the price of state waste by means of dividend policy. According to a large cardboard factory in Zhejiang, it is revealed that the price of the imported waste paper is about 800 yuan per ton cheaper than that of the country's waste. Small paper mills are suffering from the inability to use imported waste paper, and the cost is increasing rapidly.

Near the end of 4, the return of imported waste paper frequently occurred, which aggravated the shortage of waste paper supply, while some paper factories did not meet the standard of environmental protection, and they were asked to stop production by relevant departments. The price of base paper rises and supplies less than many factors.


In May, the demand for the packaging paper market will be improved, the paper peak season will also come, with the continued tightening of the foreign policy, the price of waste paper still has room to rise, the situation of the rise of paper price will continue or will continue.

In most parts of the country, the temperature has gradually increased, and demand for beverages, beer and so on has increased substantially, which will also drive the demand for corrugated board market. Under the support of the price of waste paper, the price of corrugated paper will show a price trend that tends to rise or fall.