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The One Year Environmental Inspection Has Begun! Don't Ask The Price Again. It's Good To Have The Goods.
- May 10, 2018 -

The latest data issued by the Ministry of environmental supervision and law enforcement personnel 52033 people's ecological environment ministry showed that in 2017, the national environmental protection system reached 233 thousand decisions on environmental administrative penalties, up 86.5%, and the amount of the fines totaled 11 billion 560 million yuan, up 74.2% from the same period. According to the Ministry of ecology and environment, in 2017, with the further implementation of the environmental protection law and related supporting measures, the number of various cases increased significantly. Among them, 1165 consecutive cases were punished by the same day, up 15% from the same period, 18332 cases of seizure and seizure, 84% over the same period, 8756 cases of production and shutdown, 54% year-on-year growth, 8604 cases of administrative detention, 112.9% over the same period, 2736 cases suspected of environmental pollution offense, 35% over the same period. In 2017, the Ministry of ecology and environment said that the Ministry of public security and the Supreme People's Procuratorate of the Ministry of environmental protection worked out the working methods for the connection between administrative enforcement of environmental protection and criminal justice in 2017, to clarify the transfer of standards and to refine the mechanism of coordination and coordination, and to solve the problem of "no case shift" by the environmental protection department and the "no connection" by public security organs. At the same time, the Ministry of public security and the Supreme People's Procuratorate have conducted on-site supervision on the illegal disposal of medical waste in Miluo, Hunan, the dumping of hazardous waste in Guangdong province to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region case, and the hazardous waste in Hengshui, Hebei, as the "boiler oil" case, and the 3 illegal transfer, dumping and disposal of the Guangxi in the province. Waste and solid waste environmental offences and criminal cases shall be jointly supervised. At the same time, the national environmental protection departments at the provincial, municipal and county levels have set up 2960 dynamic information bases for pollution source supervision, covering 808205 pollute source enterprises, setting up 2428 information bases for environmental supervision and law enforcement personnel, and 52033 enforcing environmental supervision and law enforcement personnel. In 2017, the national daily environmental supervision law enforcement adopted "double randomization" mode to carry out law enforcement inspection of 68 times. Random spot checks found and investigated more than 3.8 environmental violations, and randomly sampled information about 18.7 times. The Ministry of ecology and environment issued a more ruthless ecological environment ministry today, announcing today that two years of environmental law enforcement training has been going on this year. According to the requirements of the Ministry of ecology and environment, all law enforcement officers holding environmental law enforcement documents must be trained. In the 20 to 23 days of April, only 4 days later, the Ministry of ecology and environment cut seven axe to illegal activities. It is no doubt that in the future, no matter the illegal enterprises in the environment or the officials who do not act as the officials, the days will not be better. 11 enterprises, such as heavy metal company, Huifeng bio agricultural stock company, Hongsheng paper, Hebei Haohui technology company, haunting environmental technology company, Qianjiang Industrial Park, solid waste pollution and black cat carbon black factory in Taiyuan city of Shanxi Province, were repeatedly reported. From 4 to 20 days in April, the Ministry of ecology and environment disclosed the investigation and punishment of these seven illegal issues in one breath at a time in 4 days. The certified law enforcement officers must pull out "training" in 2016 and 2017, and the original Ministry of environmental protection has carried out environmental law enforcement training activities for two years. Not long after the newly established ecological environment department was listed, it not only decided to continue to carry out the law enforcement activities, but also upgraded the activity to "all the year, whole and whole process". The so-called "year of the year" refers to the extension of the training time to the 2018 year of the year. The Ministry of the ecological environment said that the environmental law enforcement efforts were continuously strengthened through the year of large training, and the environmental protection laws and regulations were continuously promoted. According to the requirements of the Ministry of ecological environment, this year's large military training, all law enforcement personnel holding environmental law enforcement documents to participate, this is the so-called "whole staff", "through the whole staff training, enhance the enthusiasm of law enforcement and team cohesion, improve the environmental law enforcement team as a whole to conduct political consciousness and ability." The Ministry of ecology and environment points out that this year's great coaches will expand the training of soldiers to the whole process of administrative penalty filing, investigation and forensics, review and identification, hearing and notification, punishment decision making and delivery, information disclosure and delivery, and to improve the legitimacy and compliance of all links in the administrative department through the "whole process". The foundation of law enforcement is rammed. In the process of training, the Ministry of ecology and environment encourages the public and the media to actively report or reflect environmental violations that harm people's health. At the same time, the Ministry of ecological environment needs to open the list of key pollutant discharge units in a timely and standard way, as well as administrative penalties, "double random" inspection, the list of superstandard enterprises and the handling of environmental supervision and law enforcement information. The illegal business inaction officials will blame the VIP Pioneer Metals Corporation, the Hui Feng company, the Hongsheng paper industry and the ecological environment department as the pollution rebound problem of the central environmental supervision inspector. In this regard, after receiving a letter from the State Environmental Supervision Office, Hunan Province closed the Hongsheng paper industry in accordance with the law according to the law. At the same time, 10 responsible persons, including members of the Party group of the Yongshun county government and Song Weirong, the deputy head of the county, have been held accountable.