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The Domestic Market Is Played Out, And The Country's Waste Stock Is In A Hurry
- Jun 09, 2018 -

The price of paper is unsteadily rising and falling

The buying and selling crisis

In retrospect, the price of paper rose in May, and the price rises. In June, it was not very peaceful, and by the end of this day, 7 paper mills have been shut down, among them there are "eleven brothers", and 4 paper stopping times add up to a full month!

The price of rising and falling, the market is "played bad", the trust, tacit agreement and cooperation between the middle and lower reaches of the supply chain have been swept away, and the business is in danger.

"The domestic market is really going to be 'played out'," he said, "the domestic market is going to be" played bad ". Yellow board small manufacturers directly said, "I do not know if I do not know, under the environmental protection check up to get together to make a bustle, it is not good for you to stop the rectification." I'm really worried about sacrificing myself in big paper mills to kill small paper mills. "

The packing station is fast forward and fast out

State waste inventory

According to the market research and market feedback,

At present, the stock of the waste paper packing station in each area is low, the large packing station stock is around 3-4 cars, the small packing station is about 1 cars, and about 73% of the packing station stock is under 30 tons. Market volatility is impermanent in recent years, and packaging stations have higher selling intention and more choice.

Why do we have such a frequent rush to get rid of goods?

The analysis is inseparable from controlling the amount of import waste paper, environmental protection and so on.

First of all, if the foreign garbage can not get in, the raw paper will not be able to produce smoothly as before. Presumably, we all have seen the big scenes of the state of being mad and robbed of the country. We must know that it is not easy to grab the domestic waste paper and produce the raw paper.

In addition, increasing environmental protection is also one of the important reasons for paper enterprises shutting down and missing paper. This year, environmental protection requirements have been raised rapidly, and a batch of small and medium sized paper mills have been shut down or integrated and converted to produce. Now Lian Liwen has to shut down. As a result, inventory in paper mills was reduced, resulting in lower operating rate.