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Paper Prices For Cultural Paper And Wrapping Paper And Specialty Paper Will Go Up Sharply
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Every year after the Spring Festival, it is often the traditional off-season of the paper industry. The price of raw materials and waste paper will be down, but in 2018, paper prices rose sharply in the off-season. According to the survey, many paper mills in Shandong have raised the purchase price of waste paper. At present, the price of paper plant acquisition of waste box and paper is about 2550 yuan / ton, up by nearly 40% compared with the same period in 2017.

Waste paper prices rise, waste traders hoarding up to rise

He told reporters that "the past one jin of waste paper was two or three cents," he told reporters. "The price of the waste paper has risen by 30 Fen. Now the price we recover from the residents is 6 kilos of ordinary waste paper, 7 kilograms of old cardboard and paper, and 9 old newspapers."

Mr. Fang Fang, who lived in the family calendar, told reporters that he had sold the old newspapers in his home last few days, and a total of 110 Jin sold 100 yuan. "When you subscribe to the newspaper last year, you also received some gifts. Now the old newspaper is so expensive that it is equivalent to paying no money to read the annual report." Mr. Fang said.

Because of the rise in the price of waste paper recycling, Wang Zhaofu's income has also increased considerably. "I usually receive five or six tons of waste paper in a month. Recently, waste paper has been earning more than one thousand yuan per month." Wang Zhaofu said.

In the interview process, the reporter learned that since the beginning of 2018, the price of waste paper in Shandong province has maintained a rising trend, but the fluctuation is very frequent.

The frequent fluctuations in prices have increased the business risk of the recycling enterprises, but most of the spent paper trading firms choose to slow down the pace of goods and hoarding.

Wang Yao, Minister Wang Yao of the waste paper Department of Hanyuan renewable resources Co., Ltd. told reporters, "the price of waste paper has risen too quickly after the year. At present, the price of recycling waste paper board is about 2500 yuan per ton, and the paper shell is about 1400 yuan per ton, and the two months have risen almost 10%."

In view of the optimistic outlook of the market, Wang Yao decided in early March to change the way he went in and out quickly, and at the same time increased the company's stock to nearly 1200 tons.

"Over the past month, the company has made more than 50000 yuan more." Wang Yao told reporters.

The price of waste paper rises day by day, pulls up the price of paper

It is understood that at present, a number of paper mills in Shandong have recently raised the price of waste paper recycling. According to the April 17th National Paper Mill's waste paper purchase price adjustment situation, the East China waste paper price on that day increased by 30-100 yuan / ton.

The Shandong Zaozhuang Huarun paper industry announced that the waste paper price was up 100 yuan / ton, and the Shandong Tai'an paper industry announced that the box paper was up 50 yuan / ton, and the nine deer paper industry in Zibo of Shandong announced that the price of waste paper was raised by 50 yuan / ton.

The rise of raw material prices is directly driven by the rise of paper enterprise products. Through the investigation, the reporter learned that since February, many paper enterprises in Shandong Province, including the listed company Chenming paper industry, have issued price rises, including cultural paper, packaging paper, special paper and so on.

Analysts: the reduction of waste paper supply is expected to be strong and market speculation is difficult.

Insiders pointed out that the direct reason for higher paper prices is insufficient supply. At present, domestic orders are only one hundred million near the day of delivery. Multiple factors have led to a surge in demand for paper. Due to the implementation of supply side reform, elimination of backward production capacity and other factors, the supply and demand imbalance and price rise naturally.

Liu Jian, an analyst at Shandong's Zhuo information waste paper market, believes that the expectation of reduced supply of waste paper is very strong, so it is difficult to return to a stable state of the whole market speculation, which is unavoidable. At the same time, the higher price of paper is also related to the decline of the amount of waste paper.

In recent years, China has imported more than 30% of waste paper per year. Since last year, China's demand for imported waste paper has been stricter. At present, the impurity rate of imported waste paper has been reduced from 1.5% to 0.5%. In 1-2 months of this year, China imported 2 million 510 thousand tons of waste paper, down 46% compared with the same period last year.

The cost of enterprises that use more packaging is greatly affected.

The rising price of paper has a direct impact on many industries. Jiang Qingshan, head of Yantai Qingshan printing company, told reporters that the cost of enterprises with more packaging has been greatly affected, food, medicine and many local special sales companies are facing the pressure of rising costs. For example, a common Yantai red Fuji carton, the former factory price is 3 yuan / A, now has risen to 4 yuan / A, the product price has not raised the situation, significantly weakened the profits of the business.

Liu Jian, an analyst at the Shandong Zhuo information waste paper market, said that "the high price of paper has a lot of negative effects on people's life, such as increasing the cost of packaging in the fields of express, food and so on, which has a certain impact on our cost of living."

"But at the same time, to some extent, it can also promote the enthusiasm of people to recycle waste paper, and at the same time stimulate people's awareness of garbage sorting. This is a positive side."

Wang Yao told reporters, "after 1 tons of waste paper recycling, only about 0.8 tons of pulp can be produced. If the professional express carton and other waste paper recycling should be encouraged, it will be a lot better to repeat the use of express cartons in the case that the strength is sufficient and the appearance meets the demand. "