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The Original Paper Is Up 400 Yuan / Ton, And The Carton Factory Must Carry Out The Price Increase As Soon As Possible!
- Mar 03, 2018 -

5 paper enterprises issued a price increase notice, the original paper rose by 200-400 yuan / ton

Xinxiang Henry Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.: from March 1, 2018, the price of the original paper has been raised by 200 yuan per ton on the basis of the current sales price.

Zhejiang Xinsheng Holding Group Co. Ltd.: from March 1, 2018 onwards, the price of finished paper group in the original supply price rose 200 yuan / ton.

Shahe Shengyuan papermaking factory: from March 2, 2018 onwards, prices of finished paper based on the existing price increase 200 yuan / ton.

Dongguan Jianhui Paper Co., Ltd.: influenced by raw materials and comprehensive cost, the company decided to increase the price of all grades of coated grey bottom board since March 1, 2018.

The price of RMB sales rose by 300 yuan / ton.

The sale price of Hong Kong dollar rose by HKD360 yuan / ton.

The price of US dollar sales rose by USD45 yuan / ton.

Hangzhou Fuyang Maoming Paper Co., Ltd. / Hangzhou Fuyang Tiandi Paper Industry Co., Ltd.: since March 1, 2018, the price of finished paper has been raised by 400 yuan / ton on the basis of the original supply price.

At present, the most urgent thing in the carton factory is to carry out its own price increase as soon as possible!

Every year from November to March next year is the peak season for carton industry. But after March, the carton factory will enter the off-season. Although the upstream cost is rising, it will be more difficult for customers to accept the price in the off-season. Once in the off-season, carton factory face raw material prices can only be knocked out teeth to swallow".

What's the way to deal with the price in addition to raising prices?

1) keep the reasonable purchase, do not cause the butterfly effect;

2) keep the supply of high quality customers, limit the inferior customers and take the opportunity to screen customers.

3) to analyze the rationality of the rise of the original paper from the financial report of the listed companies and grasp the trend.

4) communicate with the customer and present the current difficulties with the customer.

5) the whole industry should be ambitious, to synchronize the price adjustment, and to reduce the vicious competition.

6) strengthen the contact with the high - quality potential customers and grasp the opportunity to cooperate with each other.

7) to clean up the stock of sluggish original paper, and improve the flexibility and utilization of funds.

8) to increase the liquidation of the account receivable, and to enter the judicial procedure as soon as necessary.

In conclusion, Ji'nan Shengda Hotel Supplies Co.,Ltd. remind you that during the price rise, we should avoid panic, respond calmly, harden the internal work, and turn the crisis into opportunity.