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Magical Kitchen Suction Paper
- Jan 08, 2018 -

1 clean and hygienic

In the absence of kitchen paper, most people's kitchens have a rag. This piece of rag is of great importance, washing dishes, brushing pot, wipe everything you can think of. As time passes, the rag gets older and the bacteria grows stronger. Even if it is washed daily, the progress of the bacteria can not be stopped. So our kitchen paper appeared. Kitchen paper is a one-time paper towels, to avoid the formation of bacteria for a long time to use, but also in the decontamination, kitchen paper and rags but comparable!

2 to remove water stains Before wiping kitchenware with a rag, accidentally left water stains, so that their hard work, have to start all over again. Now with kitchen paper this is not a problem. Due to strong absorbent kitchen paper, just use the kitchen paper to wipe the second pass water will disappear. And kitchen paper is not as easy to break as the general paper towels, where you can wipe rub, where will not dumped!

3 strong water absorption

It has been said that the water absorption of kitchen paper is very good, the most obvious in use is to absorb food water. No matter what kind of food to absorb water with the kitchen paper, we can clearly see that the effect of its absorption is good, but also fast absorption. Pouring these watered foods into the pot will not cause oil spills. 4 Strong oil absorption In addition to good water absorption, it is also very good oil absorption. It can be used to fry the extra oil in fried foods, so that they will be more healthy to eat. And the kitchen paper is very strict, is not added fluorescent agent, so you can rest assured that it and food contact. In addition, you can also use it to wipe grease with cutlery, wipe the tableware will be very convenient to clean. Precautions