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How To Protect The Health Of Medical Masks
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Now the streets are often seen many people wearing medical masks, why this happens, the original, because the air quality has become poor, the air of dust and bacteria through the respiratory tract can cause discomfort to the human body, in order to Solve this situation, people often choose to go out wearing masks and go out, so for us, to maintain the cleanliness of the mask is also a way to ensure our health, medical masks manufacturers now to introduce the specific approach.

When we wear masks, masks come into direct contact with our mouth and nose, so it's important to keep the mask healthy. In the process of wearing masks need to pay attention to some details. Face masks can not be used interchangeably on both sides, this will be contaminated dirt outside the mask directly inhalation of the body close to the face, and become an indirect source of infection. When not wearing masks, the masks should be folded into a clean envelope, and face close to the face nose and mouth folded, and should not easily stuffed into the pocket or hung around the neck.