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How Medical Mask Is Dustproof
- Jan 08, 2018 -

In general, in order to make the mask to the body produce effective protection, so the mask specifications have certain requirements, it must cover the human nose and mouth, so that people can breathe freely, in general, the size of adult medical masks are mostly 18 * 9, while children's medical mask size is 15 * 9.

Medical masks are made of non-woven fabric, this material without knitting, is made of some fiber bonding, often made of 2-layer masks, 3-layer mouth and multi-layer activated carbon masks.

The medical mask can effectively prevent the fine dust in the air, especially for the respirable dust below 2.5 microns, especially because the dust of this particle diameter can directly enter the alveolus, which has a great impact on human health. The principle of using medical masks is that when the dust passes through the gauze, it is separated by a layer of dust, which is adsorbed on the gauze to allow fresh air to enter the respiratory system.

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