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It Is Not Easy For The Global Boss To Buy The European Boss, And The Second Offer Is Rejected By The Second.
- Mar 27, 2018 -

In March 25th, SKG (Smurfit Kappa Group) group issued a statement, the company again refused to rival the United States International Paper (IP) acquisition plans, although compared with the first time, the purchase price increased, has been close to 9 billion euros, but the board of directors of SKG said, "it is still not assessment and future prospects of the group the intrinsic business value, and is still far below the recent industry in the valuation of the transaction".

The board of directors of Smurfit Kappa also said that the revised proposal had no strategic significance for the company, and strongly advised shareholders not to take action on the proposal of intellectual property acquisition.

In the beginning of this month, international paper formally proposed intention to purchase, intends to cash holdings and minority merger acquisition, the board of directors of SKG seriously consider the proposal, then rejected the active solicitation of mergers and acquisitions of international paper.

IP and SKG are the top 10 companies in world paper industry, the first and the eighth, which are the largest packaging and packaging manufacturers in the world and Europe. From the international paper suddenly acquisitions, as well as the short term continuous two quotations, IP is well prepared and confident about the acquisition of SKG, if the two companies merged, the total annual revenues of more than $30 billion, will control the main North American and European paper, packaging paper and paper packaging market, impact on the market is also Chinese will be far-reaching.