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End Of Paper Lace Paper Food Paper Kraft Paper Hollow Paper Pad
- Jan 08, 2018 -

This product uses high-quality wood raw materials, filtered through the multi-stage screening process, do not add harmful substances harmful to human health, exquisite workmanship, easy to use, easy to clean, handle! Used in birthday parties, parties, receptions, public places such as receptions and family food, snacks, cake dress, that reflects the owner's careful and thoughtful and health concerns, but also allow visitors to feel a sense of elegance!

When sharing food is not often make you tangled in the culinary stuff, with non-greasy, do not have to worry about cleaning and desktop hygiene Sheng! You can also wrap your pastry with oil-free paper. Prevent oil from penetrating to clothes or other places. Oil-resistant high temperature, the baking industry an excellent choice!

During the process of making biscuits, we put a layer of anti-sticking oil paper on the bottom of the mold to prevent a series of unnecessary troubles caused by the adhesion between the food and the chassis (such as the aesthetic feeling of the food and the inconvenience of cleaning the mold)

No need to worry about the hygiene problems of baking table and baking utensils when making cakes, also make your works better and better! Mainly used in the hotel fried oil bottom oil decoration, paper pad through the national health standards for safety checks, can pad any product to eat, such as popcorn, fried foods can be used as decorative items.