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Disposable Gloves In A Wide Range Of Industries
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Food processing areas:

Disposable gloves food is the company for the food industry protection, processing is characterized by the use of specially designed and manufactured gloves, in particular, reflects its health, health, safety, oil, alkali, durability characteristics, the product has been domestic and foreign food processing , Food hygiene industry work essential disposable gloves.

Household cleaning areas:

Disposable gloves for household cleaning is specially designed and manufactured by the company for use in the field of hygienic cleaning, especially in acid, alkali, oil, water and dirt prevention, dexterity and softness. The products have been widely applied to housework, Daily cleaning, health protection and many other uses.

Hair coloring Hair:

Beauty and Hair Dyeing Disposable Gloves Gloves are specially designed and manufactured by the company for the characteristics of the beauty and hairdressing industry. The gloves are especially waterproof and oil proof, antifouling, dexterous and light, easy to use. The products have been used in the beauty salons industry widely used.

medical field:

Medical disposable glove is a kind of glove specially designed and manufactured by the company for its use in the medical industry. It especially shows its characteristics of anti-bacteria, acid and alkali resistance, anti-infection and anti-allergy. The products have become the medical and medical workers in domestic medical institutions Use protective gloves.

Industrial area:

Disposable gloves for industrial use is specially designed and processed gloves according to the characteristics of the factory processing industry, especially the antistatic, good breathability, comfort, acid and oil resistance and bacteria resistance. The products are already in the domestic market and are widely used in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Maucao and other countries and regions, food processing companies approved and used as a protective gloves necessary.