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Analysis Of The Operation Ideas In The New Situation Of Paper Market
- May 04, 2018 -

Since 2018, the expectation of the waste supply has been reduced as the background, and the domestic super large paper mills continue to stabilize the stock of waste yellow board and paper, and maintain the stable price of the waste yellow board to the factory. In particular, the two time that the price of reclaimed waste paper fell unexpectedly in March has actually fulfilled the responsibility of stabilizing the market. Compared with the past, this is an important manifestation of market innovation, and is also a positive manifestation of affirmation and support for the reform of solid waste import management system.

So, because some of the paper factories still refer to the market rhythm before the operation, the judgment of the market is lagging behind, so in the super large paper factory to fulfill the responsibility, the paper factory has some more passive operation. The simple classification is as follows:

1, the price of China's waste yellow board is up, and the price of finished paper has been sluggish.

2, the capacity of China's waste yellow paperboard raw materials storehouse is limited, and the quantity of waste paper purchases fluctuates obviously, which affects the normal production load in the short term.

The reduction of waste supply is the fundamental reason for this series of changes, and it is difficult to relax the reform of import management system of solid waste paper. As a result, the plan to increase the purchase of domestic waste paper in the super large paper plant may be a long-term behavior. Then, the passive situation of the small and medium paper mills may become a normal situation.

In order to solve this problem, some paper factories make clear ideas, and make some countermeasures according to their own situation, in addition, with the assistance of industry experience, some suggestions are also provided.

1, develop raw materials supply channels or seek alternatives to fiber. Inspecting the United States or Southeast Asia for processing waste pulp and then reimporting, but not recommending the production of finished paper and reimport, because the competition risk and supporting materials between the countries may be limited. In addition, you can try straw pulp, wood chips and paper.

2, expand the waste materials warehouse, increase the national waste reserves.

3, tap the potential to increase efficiency, reduce costs, actively develop the use of finished paper, and improve the technological progress of paper making.

4, sell paper mills at a high price and cash out of the field to cater for the trend of increasing the concentration of paper industry.

5, go along with the market, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, do not operate in the direction, wait for the market to change.

6, the shutdown overhaul gives out the market share.