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Airport Singing The National Anthem 'rights': The Motherland Is The Backing Is Not The Back Pan Chivalrous Man
- Feb 03, 2018 -

In less than 7 days, three Chinese tourists have been caused by flight delays at foreign airports. To deal with these disputes, three embassies and embassies at all embassies and embassies sent a public reminder to Chinese tourists through the official website or the media: "rational treatment and safeguarding rights according to law".

January 24th, Narita, Tokyo, Japan

GK35 flight from Tokyo to Shanghai Jetstar Japan, because the destination of snowfall flights canceled. Of the 180 passengers on the flight, 5 Japanese passengers left the airport on their own, and 175 Chinese passengers were detained at the gate. During the conflict, Chinese tourists at the airport and so on once the chorus of "Anthem" protest.


January 27th, Sri Lanka Colombo Airport

The flight of UL867 from Shanghai to Colombo was delayed for 8 hours due to the weather. So 150 Chinese passengers on the plane who had to transfer to Maldives were forced to stay in Colombo airport. The Chinese embassy was involved in the night and appealed to the tourists to calm down.

Tehran Airport, Iran, January 28th

On the same day Tehran suffered twenty years of heavy snow, the airport was closed, and about 240 Chinese passengers were detained. A video display, noisy airport, a group of China passengers excitedly constantly shouting "Chinese", causing many foreigners onlookers.

Video uploads say visitors to "China" are suspected to be forcing the plane to take off. But a party later said, "shouting 'China' is only a moment of emotion after the Embassy's help."

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: rational power!

In January 31st, the official WeChat official of the Ministry of consular affairs of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice to remind Chinese tourists to choose low-cost airlines to understand the contract terms before traveling. The announcement reminds the Chinese tourists going abroad to carefully read the terms of the contract before choosing a low-cost airline. If there are flight delays, etc., according to the contract, rational rights protection should be avoided, and excessive demands should be taken to avoid exceeding the contractual requirements, so as to avoid falling into unnecessary legal disputes.

The right to value the rules is also to safeguard its own rights and interests

In fact, you really want to seriously rules, rather than at the airport, the plane will not work "and" do not buy it, not to participate in the regular optimization. These days, "civil aviation passenger domestic transportation service management regulations" is seeking advice on the Internet. Do you know the rules of "flight Oversale"? Is it satisfactory to the proposed "service commitment" rules? Is there any better advice on the "legal responsibility" rules? For example, what is human induced delay, what is force majeure, what interests should be striving for and what compromise can be made, all of which should be understood. It is the best to protect the rights and interests from the source by cherishing the suggestion of the rule making and perfecting the rules in the public life.

Of course, it's still relatively new for Chinese tourists to go out on a large scale. Now these problems should be considered as a growth factor. When the rule consciousness of society is gradually established, when all parties refuse to accept the logic of "more and more sugar eating", maintain the rigidity of rules, and accept the boundary of rights and interests under the rules, there will be fewer and fewer such things.

The Spring Festival has already begun, and the number of people on the road is more and more. No matter at home or abroad, we need to always remember that maintenance rules need to be within the rules. Identity is not a pass. Discipline is the rule and rules are the biggest pass.