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What kitchen paper towels magical effect? (Magical three)
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Kitchen cleaning

Suction and removal of grease machine grease

Oil collection hood oil tank grease is not good clean up, the kitchen towel can be folded into small pieces after the oil collector in the box, and then regularly replace the new kitchen paper towel, you can remove the trouble of cleaning.

Clean the refrigerator strip

Take a small fruit fork, wrapped with a kitchen towel, and then the tip of the fork deep into the refrigerator strip gap, you can easily remove dirt without scratching the strip. Other slits of dirt can also be cleared by this method.

Soften stubborn dirt

If there is dripping soup or food residue in the refrigerator, it will turn into hard stubborn dirt after freezing, and it is easy to scratch the surface of the refrigerator if it is directly scraped off.

After the wet towel can be deposited on the hard scale, to soften it easier to clean.

Wipe the scorch

If you carelessly cook the pan when cooking, you can use the kitchen towel to wipe away the scorch before the pan is cooled.

In addition, if the use of beef fried foods, the pot is easy to coke off, but while frying pan with a paper towel to clean the scale or food debris, after the fried is relatively easy to clean.

Tip: Kitchen paper towels should avoid multiple use, such as the same kitchen towel wipe the chopping block and then used for cutting boards, to avoid cross-contamination.