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What kitchen paper towels magical effect? (Magical two)
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Cooking usage

Oil absorption

Cooking oil is not bad, but worried about unhealthy do not want to eat too much oil? Kitchen paper towels give you the best of both worlds.

Bacon, for example, want bacon crisp taste and do not want to have too much grease, can be placed in a plate on the kitchen paper towels, and then add bacon, take care not to bacon overlap, and then covered with a layer of kitchen paper towels, and finally into Microwave heating for about 30 seconds, so the upper and lower kitchen paper towel will suck bacon grease.

Go to the slick

The ice pack in the kitchen paper towel, and then let the kitchen towel from the surface of the soup, the soup will be due to the surface of the frozen coagulation and then sucked kitchen towel, so you can quickly go to the soup slick.

Emergency steamed cloth

Frozen buns or steamed steamed, if there is no steamed cloth, first in the bottom of the steamer shop a few kitchen towel emergency use, kitchen towel breathable, steamed buns or steamed buns bottom will not become wet and dripping Affect the taste.