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What kitchen paper towels magical effect? (Magic one)
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Processed ingredients

Fresh vegetables

Wrap vegetables with kitchen paper towel, and then into the refrigerator, you can keep the moisture of vegetables longer, preservation effect is good.

In addition, the lettuce salad, lettuce wash with a kitchen towel to dry the surface of the water, the taste of lettuce will be more crisp.

Locked fish flavor

Seawater fish if washed with water, due to different osmotic pressure, will result in the loss of fish flavor. Kitchen towel can be switched to help clean up to maintain the delicious taste of marine fish.

Methods: Fish bought back with a kitchen towel folded into small pieces of shape, and then use the hard angle part scraping the residual tissue within the belly to reduce the fishy smell.

Adsorption of meat blood

Bleeds will be released during the thawing of the meat, which, if cooked with bloody water, will have a poorer mouthfeel.

Therefore, frozen meat before the first use of kitchen paper towels wrapped outside and then wrapped in a layer of plastic wrap or fresh bag, so thawed kitchen towel instant adsorption of blood, meat cooking to be more delicious.