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What are the advantages of medical masks material
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Speaking of medical masks we are no stranger to bacteria and other places in the hospital and many more, we can often see a lot of people wearing medical masks, medical masks and how to prevent bacteria and other toxins into the body?

Earlier from the medical mask materials, it uses the filter cloth, the main adsorption of bacteria, viruses, blocking pathogens. N95 dense filter media used to filter particles, can effectively prevent the fly, blood, body fluids and secretion Things. Masks are two long straps that pass through the sides of the mask. Nose clip in the upper center of the filter layer, placed between the dense layer and the filter layer, the material is a metal or metal - plastic composite body, both plasticity, there is a certain strength, easy to wear when the nose seal.

Can be said that medical masks to protect medical staff and patients infected with each other very good items, so in the production must be required by the state, to make bacterial filtration efficiency of more than 95%, which is the most important role of medical masks.