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The meaning of high hat
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Chefs from all over the world may not be able to work in uniforms. But wearing a hat is the same, are white high-hat, wear this hat operation, is conducive to health, to avoid the chef's hair, dandruff into the food. But the chef who first put on this hat is not from the health point of view, but as a sign. The Middle Ages in Greece, turmoil frequently. In each case of war, the Greeks in the city fled to the abbey to take refuge. On one occasion, several famous chefs fled to the monastery. For safety, they dressed like monks and black black hats. They get along well with monastic monks and come up with their craft every day to cook monks. Over time, they felt they should be distinguished from the monks in costumes, so they put the monk wearing a black hat instead of white. Because they are famous chefs, other monastic chefs also compete. Today, almost all the chefs in the world wear this hat.