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The level of clean cloth is defined
- Jan 08, 2018 -

Clean cloth is not only different in material classification, but also in the level is different, only to understand these clearly, we can know how to choose the best for their own clean cloth. Clean cloth is how to define the level, then here we introduce the level of clean cloth under the issue:

First, clean cloth grade is not independent of existence, in general, it mainly depends on the three elements, namely: material, cleaning environment, sealing and pure water purity.

1, the material is the most important basis for determining the level of clean cloth.

2, imports of high quality Micro Fiber can be processed Class10 level.

3, ordinary Micro Fiber must be strictly controlled in order to be close to Class10.

4, high quality Polyester raw materials can reach Class100 level requirements.

5, Ordinary Polyester can only meet the standard of Class1000 ~ Class10000, therefore, the raw material determines the grade of the product.

Second, the same process in the edge banding, cleaning the packaging environment is the necessary condition to determine the level of clean cloth.

1, Class10 clean cloth cleaning environment ≥Class10 grade (18MΩ)

2, Class100 ~ Class1000 clean cloth cleaning environment ≥Class10 grade (17MΩ)

Class10000 clean cloth cleaning environment ≥Class1000 class (MΩ)

 Third, determine the meaning of clean cloth grade and Particle:

Dry measurement: Take each piece (9 "× 9") as the standard size, if the content of 0.3uM Particle is less than 10, it is Class10; if the content of 0.3uM Particle is less than or equal to 100, it is Class100; Usually 10 for the test basis, that is, 0.3uM Particle content ≤ 100, that is Class10.