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Select a few misunderstandings of the roll of paper
- Jan 08, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, wiping paper as a household paper market is also growing. However, in the choice of wipe paper, especially the roll of paper wipe these simple errors please see clearly, do not be sold to flicker.

Do not just look at the diameter

Recently I saw a few pictures, I feel very funny, he used a ruler to roll the wipe paper, I feel very funny, the same quality reel wiper paper, the greater the diameter, the more his weight and grams more Small, straightforward, that is not to believe how much.

2. The lower the price the better

Recently looked at Ali, do not see do not know, a look surprised, the price is scary, but from another perspective, cheap good goods do, the lower the price, the lower the profit, then he will Jerry, any business if there is no profit, then why should he do business. So the price must be reasonable, not too low.

3. Look for black spots, with or without impurities

A good roll of wipe paper is incision is particularly smooth, without a trace of impurities and black spots, and the touch of the touch particularly feel

4 points cut is clear

A good roll of paper wipe, cut points must be particularly obvious. And a good breakpoint design allows us to easily pull a tear, a piece of paper will be torn off.

5. Look at bearing pressure

A good roll of paper wipes the paper down by hand, it will not sink too much, and the poor roll of paper wipes down a press. A lot of immediate plunge, because the poor reel wipe the paper is not tight, but very loose planing, good reel wipe the paper is very tight.