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Posh Up Your Party With These Paper Decoration Ideas
- Dec 18, 2018 -


You don't have to spend a fortune to decorate for your next bash.

The party season can be pricey: new outfits, Christmas gifts for everyone and, of course, the expense which comes with hosting your own festivities. But you don’t have to cut corners with the décor. These crafty cheats will have your guests thinking you purchased your decorations from Harrods, rather than making them at home - and there’s no need to tell them otherwise.

Create a selfie backdrop with pretty paper fans


Encourage your guests to be snap happy by creating your own photo backdrop. In this project by A Pretty Cool Life, paper fans create the perfect background for a homemade selfie screen and can be made using any kind of paper. Switch up the colours and patterns depending on your party theme - and leave a few props like hats, silly sunglasses and moustaches nearby - as well as a couple of disposable cameras to capture the action.

Decorate with doilies


Cake doilies are ready-cut prettiness and the internet is awash with great ways to use them. So banish thoughts of tea at your grandmother’s house and use them to create pretty personalised cutlery wraps,beautiful place setting holders, or use them to make paper doily Christmas trees.

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