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Magic paper has the magical effect
- Jan 08, 2018 -

(1) Self-made decorative bag: the wax side inward, roll the oil-resistant paper roll conical, and then into the appropriate jam or frosting, and then fold down the pocket to be used as a decorative bag.

(2) for the chopping block: Oiled paper on the desktop, so that the wax side up, used to cut vegetables, etc., is very convenient, but should avoid damaging the desktop.

(3) for painting paper: Select waxed oil-proof paper, instead of expensive professional drawing paper to prepare finger paint.

(4) for tracing paper: Some good quality oil-resistant paper was translucent, ten jobs suitable for tracing paper.

(5) for the closet liner: in the food shelves cabinets coated with high-quality oil-paper, can play a protective role.