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Disposable paper lunch boxes and paper cups a lot of questions, how to buy experts to teach
- Jan 08, 2018 -

First, look at the color. In the purchase of paper cups, should choose a lighter color printing products, but if the color of paper products is too white, it may be added a lot of fluorescent whitening agents or impurities, it is recommended not to use. At the same time, should distinguish between cold drink cup and hot drink cup. Cold drink cups are mainly used to hold frozen drinks, carbonated drinks, etc. Compared with the hot drink cups, the cups on the side of the cold drink cups and the bottom seals can not tolerate relatively high temperatures. If hot water is poured into them, under relatively high temperature conditions Under the cold drink cups may leak, causing burns and other hazards. Therefore, cold cups can not be used to hold hot drinks.

The second is to look very firm. A good paper cup or paper bowl is hard, resilient, poor quality paper cups and paper bowls are often squeezed after the very soft, no rebound performance, it is recommended to buy when you can pinch, try to buy a stiff cup of paper cup and Paper bowl.

Third, look at the material. Some paper bowls look more solid, the surface with food-grade base paper, the middle layer but with the return paper, cardboard, etc., it is recommended to tear open to see if the fault surface is yellow or contains more impurities.

Fourth, smell the smell. Do not use it if it produces strange odor when pouring hot water into a paper cup or paper bowl. This may be due to regenerative polyethylene cracking process in the rework change, many compounds volatile in high temperature encountered, easy to migrate to the water.

Five is to see signs. At present, the state has implemented some production license management, products or packaging on paper products. The instructions should be marked with the QS mark and serial number. The product manual or label should indicate the method of use, precautions, use, environment and usage Temperature and other content.