Transparent Face Mask Plastic

Transparent Face Mask Plastic

Transparent Face Mask Plastic producted by us have been sold for over 10 year with its competitive price and high quality.We hope to be your long-term supplier in China
• Adopting environmentally friendly materials, can be reused and saving.
• Be comfortable to wear, can breathe normally and smoothly.

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Product Details

Transparent Face Mask Plastic Top Selling Anti-Fog Product with Wholesale Price

1. Product introduction of the Transparent Face Mask Plastic

This Transparent Face Mask Plastic, Transparent mask is made of transparent, non-toxic, tasteless food-grade materials that are environment-friendly, and has good looks and lightweight, and is easy to wear, and can be repeatedly used after being cleaned and disinfected at any time, it is an affordable and comfortable product to wear and easy to carry. Transparent mask not only effectively separates a variety of invisible pathogens and harmful bacteria, but also abandons the traditional gauze masks with many shortcomings

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2. Product Parameter of the Transparent Face Mask Plastic







Country of origin

Shandong of China

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3. Product Qualification of the Transparent Face Mask Plastic

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We have our own factory. Every step has special personnel to check regularly to ensure the quality of products. We guarantee that every product that reaches the customer is the best quality product.

4. Why choose us?


International Approval

Military Specifications

Good Packaging

Nice Price

Product Features

Product Performance

Prompt Delivery

5. Attentions

- COLORS: Please note colors & hues may slightly vary due to different paper lots, computer monitor differences, different dye lots and each doily being hand dyed one at a time. If you are to order a subsequent batch there is no guarantee the color will match the prior order.

- SAMPLES: TO AVOID ANY DISAPPOINTMENT, please contact me with your name, address and color choices for samples to be mailed to you.

- SIZING: Sizes listed are a diameter measurement from one edge to the other. Be sure to grab your ruler to verify what size doily you need for your project.

- LEAD TIME: Please allow a 10 day lead time for dyeing your order. Each order is hand dyed as it comes in - I do not stock any dyed doily inventory. If you need your doilies by a certain date, just message me with quantity, size, needed date and your zip code and I can give you a solid answer!

- SHIPPING: All orders are shipped  with a 15 to 30 days delivery time. Shipping Port is Qingdao as usual

6. The person who wear it:

1. Hotel catering staff

2. Canteen service personnel at school, force, hospital

3. Service staff in department stores and shopping malls

4. Service staff in KFC, MCdonales

5. Service staff in the beauty salon and massage clubs

6. Service staff at hightway rest area, tourist areas and playgrounds

7. Recommendations

1. Disposable Tableware

2. Coasters Restaurant

3. Restaurant Paper Placemats

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