Plastic Face Shield

Plastic Face Shield

Plastic Face Shield producted by us have been sold for over 10 year with its competitive price and high quality.We hope to be your long-term supplier in China
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Product Details

Plastic Face Shield Top Selling Anti-Fog Product with Wholesale Price

1. Product introduction of the Plastic Face Shield

This Plastic Face Shield, which adopts environmentally friendly materials, can be reused and saving. Not only can you breathe normally and smoothly with its comfortable wearing feeling, but also you can avoid the trouble of spittle and fog.

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2. Product Parameter of the Plastic Face Shield







Country of origin

Shandong of China

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3. Product Qualification of the Plastic Face Shield

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We have our own factory. Every step has special personnel to check regularly to ensure the quality of products. We guarantee that every product that reaches the customer is the best quality product.

4. Why choose us?


International Approval

Military Specifications

Good Packaging

Nice Price

Product Features

Product Performance

Prompt Delivery


5. Use place:

1. The hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, the teahouse, food city, the western fast-food restaurant.

2. The supermarket, food and beverage enterprises, fresh cooked food store

3. Units, schools, government offices, hospitals, enterprise group dining room

4. Beauty salon, leisure massage senior club

5. Tourist attractions, the convention and exhibition center, museum staff

6. Electronic production workshop

7. Need and the crowd direct contact with the communicators

6. Notes:

-Please tear off the surface protective films before use

-The anti-fog coating on the surface will fade away over time due to usage and cleaning

-Please clean the lens with a cotton flannel or a soft wet cotton cloth.

-To prevent scratched, please avoid contact with hard surfaces.

-To enhance the mask performance, please store in a cool and fry environment.

7. Recommendations

1. Disposable Tableware

2. Coasters Restaurant

3. Restaurant Paper Placemats

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