60g Vegetable Fibre Chef Hat For Adult

60g Vegetable Fibre Chef Hat For Adult

Our chef hat are in high quality and low price .

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Product Details

60g Vegetable/Non woven Chef Hat for Cooking 

1.Product Description 

Our product chef hat material is vegetable fibre.We have two shape:round top and flat top .

This kind chef hat is used for cooking for adult .It is also disposable, lightweight, and works as a sanitary hair covering to ensure that you are serving only the highest quality, contaminant-free food to your customers.

Here are three fibre chef hat :

60g flat chef hat  forage hat 60g round top

2. Product Parameter of the Vegetable Fabre Chef Hats


Vegetable Fabre


Panton Color



Personalized design





Product Qualification of the Vegetable Fabre Chef Hats

We have our own factory. Every step has special personnel to check regularly to ensure the quality of products. We guarantee that every product that reaches the customer is the best quality product.

Vegetable Fabre Chef hats1490.png

4.Our Service 

1. Our engineering and quality assurance system guarantees your satisfaction.

2. The efficient work team guarantees the task completed on time.

3. Responsable salesmen are willing to serve you wholeheartly at any time.

4. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

5. Any problem about our products, please contact at any time, as we are in pursuit of serving for your satisfaction.

 6. Your opinions and suggestions will be warmly welcomed.

5.Why Choose Us 

Ten Years of Production Experience, a higher production-level.

High quality import equipment, absolute product quality assurance.

Professional staff team, meticulous working attitude.

 United work team, remarkable achievement.

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